Keeping A Lookout For Plumbing Emergencies Unclogging A Drain

If you have a clogged drain, either in the shower or in your kitchen, it can prove to be a source of great inconvenience. If the water drains out slowly, it might still leave dirt and residue behind that needs to be cleaned off. More importantly, you need to address the issue of a drain outlet not being able to allow water to flow through smoothly.


If the issue is a small one, you could try using certain home remedies such as a plunger or a drain pipe cleaner. These tools require a bit of effort to push through the narrow openings and to try and dislodge the source of the clog. If you can unclog the drain outlet as a result of which the water flows out smoothly, you have succeeded for the time being. In certain cases, however, the drain mouths are fixed to the ground by glue or nails and need to be dislodged. If this becomes difficult, you might want to call a plumbing service that can get the drain mouth opened, the clog addressed and the mouth opening sealed back again.

It is best that you do not opt for chemical drain cleaner solutions. These have corrosive agents that can harm the fixtures as well as has a detrimental effect on the septic tank system. Even if you have managed to unclog a drain outlet, it might be a good idea to ensure free flowing of the drain pipes in your home. For that, pour in a solution of hot water, vinegar and baking soda that will help dislodge slime and debris from the inner edges of the pipes. This, in turn, ensures that the drain outlets remain clear and the water from the shower and sink outlets flow out easily.

If you need to call a professional plumbing service, you can look up online directories that advertise such services. Many portals have different services listed along with ratings and customer testimonials. Such data ensures that you know what to expect from a plumbing service. In case you have a toilet or a kitchen flooded with water from a clogged drain, you might want to call in for emergency plumbing assistance. Such services charge a higher fee, but they ensure that they reach the customer’s home on time and provide the assistance that is required, no matter what time of day or night.